User experience and usability


YIT creates better living environments by developing and constructing housing, business premises, infrastructure and entire areas. In 2018, YIT merged with Lemminkäinen resulting in the largest of its kind in Finland. Today, YIT stands as one of the most significant building construction companies in northern Europe with over 10,000 professionals in 11 countries.

Client: Yit

Nórr Design was tasked with the development of information architecture and usability for the YIT website. A global website design project accounting for the business needs of different organizational and other key stakeholders. We harnessed advanced information design and digital design methods to create and map usability flows and develop the navigational hierarchy for the website.

Dream finder is a digital solution for searching and locating YIT housing with an advanced user interface. Nórr Design was engaged in designing and developing the concept, user experience, usability and user interface of the solution.