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SRV is a developer and innovator in the construction industry. SRV’s objective is a new lifecycle-wise reality where solutions related to construction ensure well-being, financial value and the benefit of users, residents and environment – for years and generations to come. Our genuine cooperation and enthusiasm for our work comes across in every encounter. SRV is Finland’s leading project management contractor. SRV develops and builds commercial and business premises, residential units as well as infrastructure and logistics projects.

Understanding customer need

One of the key objectives was to identify and understand customers’ needs relating to future work premises. The project started with an extensive research and insight phase that led to the concept design phase, starting from current practices and pain points. We interacted with identified customer segments to acquire a wide perspective on the challenges and needs of the customer.

Future of work

What will the future of work look like and how do people want to interact and work in physical spaces? What kinds of spaces are needed? How will people interact in these spaces? How can we improve and develop the customer experience in a rapidly changing world? What are the best locations and how can we support different ways of working, accounting for employees needs in the new hybrid reality? A few of the topics addressed in our work with SRV.

Insight driven concept

As a result, an insight-driven concept was created of how to map and meet future office work needs, respond to trends, and changing needs in office environments. We drafted digital toolsets for SRV’s experts and clients to improve the customer experience in all service touch points both online and in face-to-face interactions. The ultimate goal was to help end-users envision their needs and create future-proof working environments.

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