…develop design systems that enable implementing your brand efficiently across multiple channels and streamline the production of visual and digital assets.

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Norr excels in crafting adaptable design systems that enhance visual consistency. Our modular approach incorporates illustration, typography, icons, templates, and graphics, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functionality. These systems simplify design processes and bolster communication quality. They remain future-proof and scalable, accommodating new products or platforms. Partner with us to streamline your design efforts, achieve brand alignment, and deliver cohesive visual experiences.

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Typographic and layout systems

Sophisticated layout systems benefit designers by allowing for the rapid creation of well-structured documents with proper typographic hierarchy and information architecture. With an elaborate layout system, designers can leverage pre-built templates, guidelines, and styles to ensure that every document adheres to the same visual standards. By streamlining the layout creation process, designers can focus on the content itself, resulting in better readability, navigability, and comprehension for the end-user. The use of proper typographic hierarchy and information architecture can also help to emphasize key information, making it easier for users to find and digest important content. Investing in the development of an elaborate layout system can be an effective strategy for improving document quality and enhancing the user experience.

Illustration systems

Creating a well-developed illustration system can benefit your company by enabling the rapid creation of custom illustrations while maintaining consistency and promoting brand recognition. An illustration system provides a set of guidelines and templates that ensure that all illustrations are aligned with the company’s branding and visual style. By streamlining the illustration creation process, your company can save time and resources while still producing high-quality visuals that effectively communicate your message. Illustration system can be an effective way to enhance your company’s brand and communication efforts.

Icon design

Effective icon design ensures that all icons follow a consistent graphic style, brand guidelines, and are optimised for all media where they are used. A well-designed icon set uses a common graphic key, ensuring that each icon adheres to the same visual standards. This promotes brand recognition and a cohesive user experience across different platforms and devices. Additionally, well-made icons are optimised for use in different media, maintaining their clarity and readability, allowing users to quickly and easily identify them.

Templates and graphic libraries

Design systems that include pre-made templates and graphic elements can speed up the design processes and help to create more impactful visual content. In addition to guidelines, design systems come equipped with a range graphic elements that can be used to speed up the creation of illustrations, layouts, and other design elements. These resources provide designers with a solid foundation upon which to build their designs, allowing them to focus on the details that make their work coherent. By leveraging pre-made elements, designers can streamline their workflow and create high-quality designs more efficiently. This helps reduce project timelines, increase productivity, and ultimately result in a better end-product.

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